Empowering Women in Business: A Catalyst for Growth and Inclusivity

Empowering Women in Business: A Catalyst for Growth and Inclusivity

Leading Women of Africa Group (LWA Group) proudly advocates for the economic empowerment of women in the business landscape. In recognition of  the end of South Africa Women’s Month and the recent Pan – African Women’s Day,  we reflected on the progress made by women in various sectors through our Future is Female virtual roundtable event held 28 July with the Topic Commemorating the pan-African Women’s Day and it remains clear that fostering women’s entrepreneurship and intra-African trade is key to driving sustainable growth and inclusivity across the continent.

LWA Men Champions and Future is Female Awards: A Collective Vision. We celebrate the LWA Men Champions and Future is Female Awards, acknowledging the shared commitment of male and female leaders across private and public sectors in achieving gender equality. This significant event will unfold during the upcoming African Partnership for Growth (APG) Symposium, Exhibition & Awards taking place 16&17 November 2023 in Johannesburg South Africa, contact us for registration information.

A Legacy of Empowerment. At LWA Corporate, we believe in harnessing the potential of women  in partnership with invested stakeholders as a force for economic transformation. Our commitment extends beyond mere recognition; we actively engage in initiatives that empower women-led businesses through procurement, small and medium-sized enterprise (SMME) support, and facilitation of intra-African trade. We understand that empowering women means empowering economies and communities.

Effective procurement strategies can be game-changers for women entrepreneurs. By linking them with supply chain opportunities, we empower them to showcase their products and services on a broader stage. This not only creates sustainable revenue streams but also contributes to the growth of their businesses and the overall economy.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of any thriving economy. LWA Corporate is dedicated to providing tailored support to SMMEs, ensuring they have the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to succeed. Through LWA’s non-profit company  capacity-building programmes and networking opportunities, we foster an environment where women-led businesses can flourish.

Unlocking Potential of Intra-African Trade. Trade between countries and regions has the potential to reshape the economic landscape of the continent. LWA Corporate is actively involved in promoting trade partnerships within Africa. By facilitating access to markets, connecting businesses, and sharing best practices, we contribute to the growth of women entrepreneurs and bolster the pan-African business ecosystem.

Take Action: Consult with LWA Corporate. Are you ready to be part of a movement that empowers women through strategic procurement, SMME support, and intra-African trade? Contact us today to explore how your business can benefit from our expertise, resources, and extensive network. Together, let’s shape a brighter future where empowered women are at the forefront of economic change.


Empowering women through trade and networking events
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