Investing in the Future: Navigating Global Financial Shifts

Investing in the Future: Navigating Global Financial Shifts

Amidst profound global finance and political changes, the rise of de-dollarization and a gold-backed digital economy is captivating attention. Safeguarding assets through investment is gaining importance.

Currency devaluation, seen in the decline of currencies like the South African rand, contrasts with rising gold values. For potential investors eyeing precious metals like gold, starting small and gradually diversifying portfolios is wise. Gold’s liquidity allows easy conversion into different currencies.

Geopolitical tensions impact gold’s price. Recent government gold acquisitions reflect global uncertainties. Central banks hoard gold to preserve value during economic turmoil and amidst a weakening dollar. About one-fifth of the world’s gold is held by central banks.

Experts confirm these trends, but historical context matters; countries differ due to economic and historical factors. Gold serves as a hedge against economic uncertainty, especially during market volatility and inflation. As the world considers a global reset and de-dollarization gains momentum, protecting wealth is vital.

Diversification is key. While retirement plans are good, diversified portfolios manage currency fluctuations better, ensuring steady growth and generational wealth security.

In the present day, Africa is striving for greater control over its gold resources. Collaborative initiatives like the partnership between LWA Corporate and DCX Bullion are working towards facilitating this control through knowledge sharing and investment facilitation. The global gold production reached an approximate figure of 3,000 tons in 2021, with Africa contributing nearly a quarter of that. Notably, West Africa has rapidly emerged as one of the world’s largest gold-producing regions, second only to China. In fact, it now hosts three of the top five gold-producing countries on the African continent.

Post a volatile 2020, African leaders have focused attention on developing regions like West Africa for growth after COVID-19. Despite the efforts and Africa’s vast mineral wealth, it hasn’t significantly improved lives. Governments struggle with economies and jobs and businesses often struggle with  “red tape”,  a lack of security and civil unrest in many of the African countries, often simultaneously.  To benefit citizens, Leaders and other invested stakeholders have the opportunity to work together to reform mineral policies that create a conducive business environment for industry and encourages finance and investment for economic development. In addition the challenge is to educate, inform and encourage individuals to consider investment in the bullion market and creating legacies of wealth for future generations.

The ownership and control of gold are shifting, and for the betterment of the African continent, Africa must increase its ownership of this and other precious resources. The partnership between LWA and DCX aims to disseminate knowledge about gold investments, facilitate these investments, and leverage the extensive pan-African business network of LWA. 

It is worth noting that a number of African countries are ramping up gold exploration and production. In 2022, Ghana, South Africa, Sudan, Mali, and Burkina Faso stood out as the largest gold producers in Africa. in the last decade we have witnesses in Sudan, the government unveiling a $3 billion plan for private banks to work with the central bank to buy gold from small-scale miners, offering prices that would make it less attractive to sell on the black market. Meanwhile in the east, a Tanzanian parliamentary report estimated that 90 percent of annual production of informally mined gold is smuggled out of the country. The late John Magufuli (President of Tanzania until 2021) launched a plan to establish hubs where the trade would be formalised by offering access to financing and regulated markets.

At LWA Corporate we are always working towards economic empowerment, focused on women but reaching all stakeholders. If you would like to consult with us or an investment specialist from DCX please email us here.

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Invest in your future, today.


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