The Leading Women of Africa Group (LWA Group) is a pioneering women-led pan-African social enterprise offering comprehensive consulting services across diverse markets.

LWA has partnered with SafeTade101, a renowned French company, to launch TradeMzansi101, a dynamic digital B2B marketplace and funding platform that will facilitate intra- and extra-African trade. This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower South African and African businesses by facilitating access to new markets and trade finance while leveraging digital innovation. TradeMzansi101 features a growing list of African manufacturers, producers, suppliers, and service providers, providing a multi-sector trading platform for businesses to sell and source.

Why should you list your business with us?

This platform offers you opportunity to:

  • Create a market place for your products and services
  • Link investors and technical partners to your projects
  • Source products and services
  • Provide access to market

Are you looking for profitable business ventures to invest in?

  • Invest in profitable ventures across Africa
  • Grow your wealth
  • Build business empires
  • Your time is now! contact us

Are you a corporate company looking for a women-led company to partner with?

Expand your African footprint.

Grow your market share.

Leverage on the LWA growing African network.

Contact us.

With a business network in over 32 African countries, LWA Corporate is establishing a significant presence on the African continent through strategic partnerships with successful businesswomen, corporate and government. Contact us today!

Your trusted Online Marketplace & Funding portal

TradeMzansi101 bridges SMEs and financiers across the continent and beyond, providing businesses with access to tailored financing and lenders with ready-to-invest opportunities.

Fact Sheet

LWA Corporate, a trustworthy platform that successfully creates linkages between global stakeholders and African partners

  • LWA network: LWA has built a credible network of business and professional women involved in the mainstream sectors of the economy.
  • Our African footprint: Over the years, LWA has managed to create a strong presence in over 32 African countries.
  • LWA engagement with stakeholders: Over the previous few years, LWA has facilitated meaningful dialogues between women and other stakeholders at government and corporate levels.
  • Impact: In a recent past, LWA has facilitated significant business and professional linkages for women on the continent.



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