LWA Corporate offers business support services for entrepreneurs and corporates doing business in Africa.

Our online directory, the WURSA Marketplace, features a growing list of African manufacturers, producers, suppliers, and service providers, providing a multi-sector trading platform for businesses to sell and source

Why should you list your business with us?

This platform offers you opportunity to:

  • Create a market place for your products and services
  • Link investors and technical partners to your projects
  • Source products and services
  • Provide access to market

Are you looking for profitable business ventures to invest in?

  • Invest in profitable ventures across Africa
  • Grow your wealth
  • Build business empires
  • Your time is now! contact us

Are you a corporate company looking for a women-led company to partner with?

Expand your African footprint.

Grow your market share.

Leverage on the LWA growing African network.

Contact us.

With a business network in over 32 African countries, LWA Corporate is establishing a significant presence on the African continent through strategic partnerships with successful businesswomen, corporate and government. Contact us today!

Your trusted Online Marketplace

WURSA offers a unique platform to millions of African women in Africa and Diaspora to promote their work and talents to millions of global partners looking to partners with women of Africa.

Fact Sheet

LWA Corporate, a trustworthy platform that successfully creates linkages between global stakeholders and African partners

  • LWA network: LWA has built a credible network of business and professional women involved in the mainstream sectors of the economy.
  • Our African footprint: Over the years, LWA has managed to create a strong presence in over 32 African countries.
  • LWA engagement with stakeholders: Over the previous few years, LWA has facilitated meaningful dialogues between women and other stakeholders at government and corporate levels.
  • Impact: In a recent past, LWA has facilitated significant business and professional linkages for women on the continent.
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