Leading Women of Africa (LWA), a platform promoting African regional integration

Leading Women of Africa (LWA), a platform promoting African regional integration

As we celebrate women’s month, LWA calls on women to continue to be Change Agents on the continent. The Africa of tomorrow will be a continent where the continuous impactful role of women will be fully acknowledged. But it will start with today’s women having a dream of a better Africa for the next generation.

A proudly South African organization, LWA was founded in 2008 by Madelein Mkunu as a Pan-African platform that not only creates linkages for women but also supports the inclusion of women in the mainstream economy on the continent. In short our vision is to see more women getting a sizable piece of the African economic pie. We do it through facilitating access to economic opportunities by women. From Cape to Cairo, LWA has built a network of women who making significant impact in the socio-economic transformation of the continent.

The second focus of LWA is promoting leadership for women. We believe women embody great leadership that can transform families, communities or a country. The celebrations around the country this month is the proof of what women can do when they are united and determined! And we need to continue to strive to see that leadership shining.
The network is open to women from all background, color, culture and creed. To join the network, please visit www.leadingwomenofafrica.com .

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