Women Investing in African Infrastructure

Women Investing in African Infrastructure

Confident of Africa’s growth opportunities, women are strategically positioning themselves to take advantage of numerous trade and investment opportunities in Africa.

South Africa, has seen a group of successful women investors convened to discuss their participation in a mega development project in South Africa, led by LWA Corporate Investment (LWA-CI), an investment firm that aims to increase the number of women who are involved in investment, international trade and other services on the continent. “Women are excited about playing an active role in the implementation of sustainable infrastructure development in Africa and are determined to maximize on every investment opportunity that is presented to them through our network”, said Mrs Mkunu, reacting to the overwhelming interest shown by potential women investors.

LWA Corporate Investment (LWA-CI) is open to women investors across Africa and Diaspora. The firm aims to ensure that women emerge as successful leaders in industries and sectors, historically under represented by women.
LWA-CI is open to women investors across Africa and Diaspora. For more information how join as an investor, info@lwacorporate.com .

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