Vision. Mission. Strategy.

Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, Leading Women of Africa (LWA) Group is Pan African women-led social enterprise with a dual mission of facilitating trade and investment opportunities while promoting the entrepreneurship and female leadership in Africa.

Our values

LWA Corporate Group stands by the following values:

  • Integrity: LWA Corporate will not engage in illicit or corrupt activities.
  • Collaboration: LWA Corporate will engage with different stakeholders including: women, men, government and international institutions and private companies.
  • Inclusiveness: LWA Corporate will always be a platform for all Africans regardless of their race, creed, religions, culture and nationality.
  • Respect: LWA Corporate will not undertake activities that will undermine the real value of human or lead to the destruction of African’s future or life.


It all started in 2008 with the creation of Leading Women of Africa (LWA) a not-for-profit company (NPC) which aims to advance the leadership and economic development of African women. A credible network of women was established and has become a global icon.

Emergence of women of Africa

Leading Women of Africa (LWA) was founded as a Pan African Forum that promotes the inclusion of women in the mainstream economy by ensuring that more women emerge as successful and influential leaders in all spheres: Political, professional and business.

The Pan-African network of women

The past few years LWA has rapidly grown to become a recognised women organisation focusing on women economic empowerment on the continent. It has also championed the real inclusion of women in the mainstream economy in Africa.

Positioned for opportunities

Confident in the African growth opportunities, LWA Corporate was strategically established in 2016 to provide a platform for women to leverage on numerous trade and investment projects that offer great possibilities for growth and business transformation.

Striving to provide business confidence to its stakeholders by tapping into diverse pools of reliable opportunities in Africa. Be part of innovative stories in Africa with LWA Corporate; Partner with us today!

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WURSA, the Online Market Place for women entrepreneurs

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Join the Leading Women Investors Network

Are you a visionary woman with ultimate desire to grow your wealth through participation in profitable business ventures?.
We are building a credible network of global Women Investors looking to expand their operations in profitable business ventures in Africa in partnership with women.

Terms & Conditions

Joining the Leading Women Investors Network is free, however, to participate in investment ventures, you need to be a member of LWA NPC. Details will be provided after sign up

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